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Invasive Plants Series: Burning Bush

More bad news, I'm afraid. BURNING BUSH IS AN INVASIVE PLANT.

You heard me.

Burning bush, also known as winged euonymus (Euonymus alatus) is a native of Asia. It has escaped into woodlands, forests, and fields throughout the Midwest and Northeastern US. It quickly outcompetes native plants and forms dense thickets.

Burning bush is a prolific seed producer. Often in commercial installations large quantities of herbicide is required to eradicate seedlings. Even if you don't see seedlings popping up in your own garden, be sure that birds are carrying those seeds away to other locations.

There are MANY native alternatives that provide fall color including blueberry, ninebark, chokeberry, and sweetspire. Definitely consider one of these when looking for a shrub with fall color. Maybe even consider replacing your burning bush with a native that supports local wildlife and pollinators!

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