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New Native Plant Series!

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

So what’s the big deal with native plants?

I think gardeners are generally aware that native plants will usually do well when planted in the area they’re used to growing in, and that they are good for pollinators. But there are SO MANY MORE reasons to include them in our own gardens. Not the least of which is creating a healthy ecosystem within your landscape.

In this series, we’ll talk about all of the reasons to plant natives – including benefits to wildlife, benefits to humans, and benefits for that place we all know and love: Planet Earth. We’ll go over what the differences are between native plants and cultivars, ecological gardening, biodiversity, and maybe get a few bits of garden history as well. We’ll learn about shrubs and trees in addition to our beloved perennials.

Are you excited? Me too!

Send me your questions as they arise!

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