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Garden Style Series: English Cottage Garden

One of the things I ask my clients during a consultation is if they have a certain style of garden in mind. I usually get a blank stare when I ask that question! You may have a style of garden in mind but not really know that it even has a name... Gardens mean different things to different people. So today we're going to begin a new series on garden styles. We're going to begin with the English cottage style.

Traditional English cottage gardens begin with a simple layout, often in blocks, and then explode with color, form, and texture. Dense plantings spill over into the paths unless contained within a low hedge. Stone or brick are implemented as hardscaping materials, but any found materials, or a mix of them, is also appropriate. Each block of planting may be different from its neighbor by using a different color scheme, and is cram-packed with plants.

Common elements found in a cottage gardens include:

• arbors covered in roses

• rustic furniture

• tightly clipped box topiary

• weathered focal points

• few vegetables and herbs tucked in here and there

A cottage garden can feel a bit more modern by using more sleek hardscape materials and a more restrained color palette.

Do you have a favorite cottage style garden? Tell us below!

📸: Tama66 on pixabay

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