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Gardening Tips: Fall Cleanups

Okay. It's Fall. I must concede. I'm not happy about it, though. 🍂

I know many of you love Fall, but to me it is the second worst season. It means the absolute worst season, Winter, is coming, when you might get 36" of snow in one day when your husband is out of town and now you have one less child to help shovel the 4,736 ft of sidewalk. I digress.

Fall! Yay! 😟 Now what do we do with these plants in the garden? Fall clean up, you say! Nope. Let's stop doing that. Perennials do not need to be cut back until spring. Here's what you need to take care of this fall:

Fall Gardening Tips

1. Some of your non-native shrubs may need some Fall fertilizer. Let me know if you have a question about yours!

2. Those shrubs will need adequate mulch placed back under the plant, but not touching the trunk/branches.

3. Remove any diseased plant material - this goes in the garbage and not the compost pile.

4. Trim back any long, stray branches from roses, etc. if there's a possibility they may break off in winter winds.

5. Shred up your fall leaves and use them for mulch or stockpile them for your compost pile. Steal your neighbors' leaves off the curb as well. 😉

Any other questions? Send them my way!

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