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Recommended Products

These are products that we recommend. They will make your gardening tasks easier, and many of them make great gifts for the garden enthusiast in your life! Most of these items are affiliate links and we may earn from their purchase. Click on the photo to go to the website for each item.

Barebones Living Hori-Hori Knife

The best hori hori knife I've found. A very serious and robust tool, it fits in my hand so much better than the rest.


I don't know how you can garden without these. Coming in all different sizes, even with collanders and caddies to go with them!

Organic Mechanics Biochar Blend

Improve your soil's water holding capacity and superchar the soil microbiome! Great for garden beds, vegetable beds, and even containers.

DeWitt Diamond Hoe

Another option in the Dutch scuffle hoe line of thought. Different shape, same idea.

Kwik Edge

Wonderful for re-defining the shape of your garden bed. Might even be able to initially define your bed if your soil is soft enough (mine's definitely not!).


I use this guy for planting plugs, but you can use it for planting bulbs, and even replacing damaged grass.

Dutch Scuffle Hoe

The best way to weed around your newly planted babies. Weed every 2 weeks during the first growing season, it only takes a few minutes, I promise.

Felco Pruning Shears

You just can't go wrong with Felco.

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