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Garden Style Series: Mediterranean Gardens

The Mediterranean garden style was featured in AHS's 2020 Garden Show. After seeing it I decided I could probably manage to go live in the South of France for a few years, despite my love of lush green landscapes.

It may be a bit hard to achieve this style here in the mid-Atlantic, but not impossible! The plants of the Mediterranean region grow in alkaline soil and harsh, dry conditions. Their leaves are general a softer silvery-sage green and made to deal with drought. The flower colors are soft as well. Think of lavender, rosemary, and lamb's ear. Succulents are frequently included as well.

Elements of this style can be used to achieve the same kind of feel wherever you are. Covered seating areas, lots of pots, especially terracotta, and gravel walks are ubiquitous with the Mediterranean style. You can even plant lemon and olive trees or large succulents in pots, as long as you have a sunny place to shelter them for the winter. Planting beds are often raised and if small, the soil may be amended to accomodate mediterranean plants. Water features are also important. The careful use of colorful tiles can add personality. More formal gardens include clipped hedges and topiary. You will find gravel not only used for walkways, but also used as mulch.

Are you drawn to the Mediterranean style?

Landscape peeps... What are your favorite plants to use to achieve this look here in the mid-atlantic region?

Photo is mine of a garden designed by @petitjardinenville at the 2020 @phsgardening Flower Show.

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