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How About a Meadow?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

So, as I mentioned earlier this week, we are brewing up a big project here at Soil + Ink headquarters. I'll continue to do this series on the lawn while sharing our project to reduce ours.

I feel very strongly that as someone who promotes ecologically-minded garden design and gardening practices that I need to set an example for my clients, my followers, my neighbors, and community. It's time to see some examples of residential landscapes that don't look like the standard swath of grass, which we all know is an ecological dead zone. I hope to create something that is both beautiful and beneficial to pollinators, wildlife, and, oh yes, humans as well. So how about a meadow? Not hidden in the backyard or on some property in the country. Right in middle of a regular residential neighborhood, right up to the front sidewalk. I won't lie, it's terrifying. My husband got great drone a footage of our first day on the project... I will be sharing more of that maybe tomorrow or this weekend. Right now I am exhausted and need to fill my belly!

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