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Native Plants Series: Sense of Place

Here's a different reason to plant natives - it helps you create a sense of place. What exactly is a sense of place? It's not too easy to define with words... It's a sense of belonging to a particular geographical area, a certain set of characteristics found in nature, combined with our own personal experience of that place.

Planting native plants in your own landscape helps you and your family create a sense of place tied to the area you live in. For those of us here in South Central PA, filling your landscape with plants from the desert, from Asia, or the Pacific Northwest cannot do that. Non-native plants will also not support the wildlife found in your home area, thereby further limiting your experience. When your children are given the opportunity to play in native landscapes, a world of discovery is awaiting them, and you help them build their own sense of place and appreciation for where they live.

This is the final post in our #nativeplantseries urging you to consider using native plants in your landscape. I hope you have learned something new! I will continue to post recommendations for native plants specific to South Central PA.

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