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Native Plants Series: Sundrops

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Sundrops (Oenothera fruticosa) are a day-flowering member of the evening primrose family. Blooming in a bright, cheerful yellow starting in June, they prefer dryer soils and full sun. It will steadily form a solid colony through its spreading rhizomes. After blooming the stems can be cut back to the basal rosette, which may remain evergreen throughout the winter. Sundrops are native to most of Eastern North America. In South Central PA, Oenothera plants support 18 species of butterflies and moths as a host plant. Other evening primroses native to SC PA are little evening primrose (Oenothera perennis) and nodding evening primrose (Oeothera nutans). 📸: @inconstant_gardener Sources: Misouri Botanical Garden, National Wildlife Foundation

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