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Stewardship - Our Little Piece of Earth

A lot of my emphasis this year is on nudging small shifts in our mindset regarding the garden. One of those shifts is from the idea of "low-maintenance" towards "ecological." Another is the shift from thinking of your little piece of ground as the property that you own towards the piece of earth that you care for. The more time you spend outdoors and in your own garden, the more aquainted you are with what's living out there amongst the plants, and the more aware you become that those plants are quite dependent on you. They depend on you to place them in the right growing conditions and to watch out for them when they're in distress. They may need a little help to defend their space against invaders. The more you thoughtfully plant, the more habitat and food you provide for wildlife. We are all stewards of our little plots of earth, and should do our best by them! And remember, nature gives back to us as well, nourishing our mind, body, and soul. "Nature" is not a place you visit or experience on a hike. It's right outside your door.

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