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Unhappy with Your Builder-Grade Landscaping?

I can help with that!

Whether your home is new, or new-to-you, you may notice that the landscaping looks exactly like every single one of your neighbors'. We spend a lot of time making the interior of our homes unique to our own family's style, but often the landscaping is an afterthought.

Let me take a guess: You and your neighbors all have the same straight row of shrubs planted across the front of the house, probably a lamppost near the sidewalk and driveway, with the exact same yellow daylilies or grasses planted around the lamppost? Maybe a small tree planted too close to the house on the corner?

I'm guessing you also have only a 12-ft square concrete patio or deck out back? Barely enough space for a family, let alone entertaining. Our outdoor spaces are even more important these days, so why not make it something beautiful that works for you?

If you want to differentiate your home and create something special, I can help with that! Let's work together to create an inviting space that works for YOU and YOUR family. Send me a DM or contact me through my website today! I can't wait to hear from you!

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