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I've been working on a lot of things during my winter "break". I took some time off from design work this winter to attend classes, webinars, online conferences, along with writing up your #nativeplantsseries and #invasiveplants posts, preparing your free native plants download, amongst other administrative stuff.

But this is what I've been working on for the majority of my winter "break". I'm now a certified Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional. "The achievement of the CBLP Level 1 designation demonstrates an advanced level of professionalism and knowledge of sustainable landscaping practices for a healthier Chesapeake Bay. CBLP-certified professionals have in-depth knowledge of sustainable landscape best practices and a focus on maintenance of stormwater best management practices." - @Chesapeakeclc

South Central PA is very much a part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. All of our landscaping activities can affect areas downstream all the way to the Bay. That's just one reason why sustainable practices and building landscapes to support our local ecology are so important.

To learn more or find a CBLP certified designer or installer in your area, go to

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