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Invasive Plants: Rose of Sharon

Although technically not on DCNR's invasive plants list for PA, Rose of Sharon is widely considered to be an invasive plant in nearby states including Maryland and Virginia.

It is native to Asia and India and is the national flower of Korea. It self-seeds readily in most conditions, the seed pods are spread by wind and can easily escape cultivation (your landscape), crowding out native plants.

If you currently have Rose of Sharon in your garden, you need to stay on top of all those seedlings - get all the roots out. You can also deadhead the flowers before they set seed. In most cases, this is not a doable option. There are sterile options out there... but I always wonder what happens when a sterile plant is placed near a non-sterile one - sometimes the cross-pollination creates viable seeds. Why take the risk?

The Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia recommends planting native Hibiscus laevis (Halberd-leaf rose-mallow) instead -- coming up in our next #nativeplantsseries post!

Sources: DCNR, Invasive Plant Atlas

PHOTO: HeungSoon on Pixabay

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