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Native Plants Series: Joe-Pye Weed

This Joe-Pye Weed is also sometimes known as Trumpetweed. Now known as Eutrochium fistulosum, it was previously named Eupatorium fistulosum. Plants get renamed and regrouped all of the time as we study them scientifically - you may still find it in nurseries under the old name.

This particular Joe-Pye weed is native to much of eastern North America. They can vary in size from 5-8' in height. These are great for the back of the garden or planted in large masses. This is another plant for your location with moist soils and full sun to light shade. It tolerates a wide range of soil types and will bloom in summer with mauve-colored blooms.

This guy spreads primarily by underground rhizomes but can be divided and started from cuttings. This is one plant you may want to cut down at the end of fall instead of waiting until spring - but leave some upright stalks around 18" tall for bees and other insects to make their winter homes in.

Sources: USDA, Missouri Botanical Garden, North Creek Nurseries

📷: heidimaria on Pixabay

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