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Native Plants Series: Purple Love Grass

Purple Love Grass (Eragrostis spectabilis) is just beautiful in the fall. It is native to the eastern 2/3 of the US. Reaching 2' tall and wide, it grows best in sandy or gravelly soils in hot, dry locations making it drought resistant. It can also tolerate road salt, but it's not too happy in clay soil. Like all grasses, it is deer resistant.

The grass itself is fairly short (10-12") but its flowers pop up to 2' in August and create a reddish-purple haze. This is a great meadow plant or can be used en masse in a garden.

Thanks to @leaftrekphoto for use of the photo... Be sure to check out the rest of his shots, I'll link to them in my stories!

Sources: Missouri Botanical Garden, USDA

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