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Native Plants Series: Virginia Bluebells

Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica) are native to much of the Eastern US and Canada. Blooming in March and April, they are a host plant to three moth caterpillars in South Central PA and provide early season nectar for bees.

This plant is our first "ephemeral" which means that it comes up in the early spring and the foliage completely dies down by mid-summer. The flowers start off pink and then turn blue as they open.

Bluebells love rich, moist soils and are often found in woods and floodplains. They should be interplanted with other perennials such as ferns, or they will leave a bare spot for most of the year.

Sources: National Wildlife Federation, USDA Native Plants Database, Missouri Botanical Garden Photo: @wildflowersofohio on Instagram

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