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Meadow Update: Early March

Early March meadow update!

There's not much going on in the meadow at the moment. There are a few weeds and a little bit of grass growing. While I do not want to cover the soil because I want to encourage those winter and spring weeds to germinate, heavy spring rains are coming and I know I'll have erosion on the hillside. The loose straw I applied last fall of course immediately blew away. So last weekend I spread out straw erosion blankets. This would not be my first choice, I really hate that supposedly "biodegradable" netting, and I will have to pull it all up when I plant the seeds. However, this is what is available to most homeowners, so it's what I'm using here. They didn't have the biodegradable stakes that were supposed to go with the blanket, so I painted all of the metal stakes so I could definitely find them again.

We did sign a contract to have the stone steps and boulders installed where the grass strip is now. That work won't be done until May. I will probably plant the meadow beforehand, and have asked my contractor to be super careful about getting his equipment in the meadow. I'm more concerned about soil compaction than anything else. I can spot replant any seeds and the soil that gets disturbed after the work is done in May and/or again in the fall.

Total cost so far: $258

Time spent: 17.5 hours

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