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Soil + Ink's Mission

Soil + Ink's mission is to empower homeowners to create and enjoy a space that is beautiful, simple to care for, and beneficial for the environment.

The name Soil + Ink represents a collaboration between client and designer - Soil representing the land my clients steward; Ink representing the plan that we put together to steer the landscape in a new direction.

I prefer to design with a more naturalistic planting style using mostly, sometimes exclusively, native plants. The goal of my planting design is to create a beautiful landscape that my clients will want to interact with, as well as to restore ecosystem services that have been stripped from the landscape. Storm water absorption, carbon sequestration, support of wildlife, AND making humans happy are always our goals.

If you are looking for a static, straight row of shrubs living in a sea of dyed mulch, I am not the designer for you. I will always recommend removing invasive plants and including as many natives as possible, but I also believe that if you love a non-native (non-invasive) plant, you should definitely have it in your landscape.

I am becoming more intentional and selective about the projects I take on, even if that means turning away work. I love working independently, I love working in collaboration with others, I love constantly learning new things. #wegotthis🌿

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