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Mid March Meadow Update

So we finally got our informative meadow sign up today! Now the neighbors can stop wondering what crazy thing those den Hoeds are up to now.

The winter germinating weeds are already starting to flower, and a lot more grass is growing back than I expected. I hoed the weeds today (at least the ones not covered by the erosion blanket) so they won't set seed for next year. I'll hit the grass with glyphosate in a few weeks if I can find a non-windy day.

I had to remind myself that this is exactly what I wanted... To get the winter and spring germinating weeds in the seed bank to sprout so I can eliminate them before sowing the meadow. There are a lot more than I expected. I'm a little concerned about those summer germinating weeds that I didn't have a chance to eliminate.

So while I was writing this, we got our first fast downpour of the season.... At least the erosion blanket did it's job.

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