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Early April in the Future Meadow

A bit of work in the meadow today! I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but I plan to pull some of the plants that are in the meadow seed mix and plant them as live plants on the front edge of the garden. This way I will have some things blooming this year and starting to really fill in, and it will feel a little bit more "gardeny" at the edge near the sidewalk. It might end up being a great way to show what the plants will look like in a year or two, and later a good visual of what plants are deeper inside the meadow and harder to see.

I picked up my first batch of plants from Hungry Hook Farm this weekend and got them in the ground today. They look tiny now, but by this summer they will already be starting to fill in. I also hit all the grass and weeds with Glyphosate. I didn't pull up the erosion blanket, just tried to spray what was growing through it. I may regret that in a couple weeks, but I could really use an extra pair of hands for pulling all of that blanket off the hillside and then replacing it. It's crucial to make sure all of those grass roots are dead dead before I seed. Pulling is too risky and time consuming. Finally, Tony changed up the downspout discharge so that it won't head towards the meadow any longer (see my saved story "lawn conversion"). This is temporary until the meadow is established to keep heavy spring rains from washing it out. 🤞

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